Catholic Schools Then and Now

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Catholic Schools Then and Now

by Mary Reardon 

“Catholic school” is not a brand name. Catholic schools differ very much in what they teach and how they teach.

So how do you choose a Catholic school? How do you know what you’re getting?

Mary Reardon provides a 100-point checklist in her much-anticipated book, “Catholic Schools Then and Now.” Mary visited schools around the country and gives us as warm, human look at what happens inside different types of Catholic schools. She visited traditionalist “Patholic” schools and schools that are “pastel” in the “Age of Nice.” A rewarding, stylish read, and an important book for parents, teachers, and PTOs.

Great for Catholic Schools Week. Great for discussion.

Here's what people are saying about Catholic Schools Then and Now:

"Catholic Schools Then and Now is written in an easy flowing style, touched with gentle humor, that makes for interesting reading that will certainly resonate with long time Catholic educators and students, as well as provide a bird's eye view for newcomers, of what we on the inside have experienced over the years."

— Sister Loretta Schroeder, IHM Principal, St. Mary of Redford Elementary School, Detroit, MI

"As a former Catholic schoolboy, I found this a fascinating read. It's a sharp look into the Catholic schools of yesterday, and full of information about the variety of schools out there today which fall under the umbrella of Catholicism, but might not be recognizable to the ruler-wielding nuns of yesteryear."

— Mike Gainor Graduate, St. Thomas Military Academy, Class of '88

"Where, oh, where has Catholic education gone? Read this well-written, thought-provoking peek at a wide-variety of the ‘new’ Catholic classrooms. They will provoke you to look at the ones in your backyard. Pay them a visit."

— Dorothy Hemmert, OP, teacher/administrator, elementary, secondary and adult levels, who works with supervision and curriculum development in the Cleveland diocese

"This book provides a lot of history and insight about the positive changes in Catholic Schools. Chapter 14’s School Compatibility List is very thorough, and helped me reaffirm my decision to send my children to Catholic schools. This list will be a useful tool to be used by our School Commission/Marketing Committee."

— Linda Lopez, Catholic school parent, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Catholic Schools Then and Now
Publication date: December 2004
ISBN 1-932542-11-6

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