Any Damn Fool Can Be a Farmer

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Any Damn Fool Can Be a Farmer - What was it like to live, work, and play on a small dairy farm during the Great Depression? Here’s a firsthand account from a farm boy who would later travel the world, but who never forgot his childhood years on the family farm in Janesville, Wisconsin. Join the author as he relives the daily challenges and joys of farming life, and remembers how technological advancements like - milking machines, threshers, and indoor plumbing! - changed the way his and other farming families lived. From barnburning fires to blinding blizzards, from Model Ts to pickup trucks, from large family gatherings to quiet nights around a radio, this is an intimate look back at one family’s life on the farm.


By: Bob Knopes
ISBN 9780976814603


Author Bio

Bob Knopes spent the first 19 years of his life on the family farm in Janesville, with his parents Al and Helen and his sister Shirlee. He left to join the navy at the start of the Korean War, after which he returned to the University of Wisconsin, Madison. After graduation, he took a job with the foreign service of the United States Information Agency. Although his job took him around the world, Bob always loved returning to the farm in Wisconsin and reconnecting with his roots. He is now retired and living with his wife outside of Washington, DC, near their sons and three grandsons (none of whom has shown any farming potential - yet).

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