A Field Guide to Sheepshead

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A Field Guide to Sheepshead

by Erica Rosch 

Whether you are new to this popular card game or a veteran player, this book is for you. A Field Guide to Sheepshead is a comprehensive collection of rules, strategy and variations of American and Bavarian Sheepshead (2-8 player versions). From well-respected strategies such as Joe Wer-gin’s “Count of Seven” for three-handed play to tongue-in-cheek mnemonic devices, anecdotes and quotes, this handy guide leads you through all aspects of playing game successfully. Sheepshead websites and software resources are also provided, as well as a glossary of terms and information on organizing tournaments.

Erica Rosch, a native of Madison, Wisconsin, was introduced to the game of Sheepshead in 1988, and has been learning, playing, and teaching it ever since.

Of Norwegian, African-American and Native-American descent, Rosch did not experience the game as part of her culture growing up. But she became hooked on Sheepshead after marrying into a family whose roots are in the Fox River Valley with Austrian ancestry. Erica and her husband, John, teach Sheepshead mini-courses at the University of Wisconsin, and own SheepsheadStore.com.

A Field Guide to Sheepshead
Publication date: August 2001
Softcover ISBN 1-878569-77-5
E-Book ISBN 0-9704384-8-6

$ 9.95

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